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EXPECTATIONS for the teacher:
I will be firm. I believe that all students can learn mathematics.
I will be fair. I will give each child the same opportunity to learn mathematics.
I will be consistent. I will hold each student accountable for his/ her actions.

Students are expected to attend class daily. Students can lose their credit if they have to many absences. Please see the handbook about loss of credit due to absences.

Students with excused absences may make-up work. The student has three class days to make-up any assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the instructor for any make-up work. Any work not made up with three class days will be given a grade of zero. After seven absences, excused or unexcused, a doctor’s excuse is required to be able to make up the work.
NOTE: If a student missed a test during their absence, then it is their responsibility to schedule a time with me other than the class period to make up the test. No exceptions.

Students are tardy if they are not in their assigned seat when the tardy bell begins to ring. If a student is tardy due to teacher or administrator detainment, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain a note stating the reason for the tardy before they proceed to class. A student will not be allowed to leave the room to obtain an excuse, and the tardy will be recorded as unexcused. An announcement will not be made stating that a tardy was given. See Student Handbook for consequences.

In order for your child to be successful in my classroom, the following materials are needed:
3-ring 2"Binder
Pencils or Pen
Notebook paper
Scientific calculator
NOTE: It is extremely important that you bring all materials to class every day. I will not distribute materials to students due to irresponsibility.

Respect others: keep hands, feet, insults, and other objects to yourself.
The student is not to talk without the instructor’s permission. Raise hand to request permission.
The student is to stay in his/her assigned seat. You must ask permission from the instructor to leave your seat.
No eating, drinking, grooming or sleeping.
Do not work on any other subject during the class.
The student will clean around his/her desk at the end of the class period. Trash should be placed in the waste can as the student exits the room.
The student will not deface school property.
NO CHEATING- Do your own work. (Zero's will be given for cheating)

Any student who does not obey the rules will face the following disciplinary actions.
First offense- The student will receive a verbal warning.
Second offense- The student will be assigned after school detention. She/he will complete an assigned subject task or a cleaning chore. Written notification will be sent home with the student. If the student does not stay on the assigned day, the student will be referred to the office.
Third offense- the student will be assigned two days after school detention and the instructor will call parents.
Forth offense- The student will be referred to the office and a parent conference will be requested. ***A severe behavioral offense will result in an automatic office referral.
Students are expected to be on their best behavior when a substitute teacher is present. If a student’s name is left by the substitute for any reason, the student will receive after school detention for one week. Students are expected to complete all assignments when a substitute is present. These assignments will be graded.
Daily grades will consist of homework, class work, quizzes, and notebook checks. The students will be assigned homework most nights. The only way to succeed in math is practice. Homework will be taken up periodically. It will be graded on accuracy. Class work consists of group activities and presentations. Quizzes will be given 3 or 4 times a week.
Homework will be graded periodically.
There will be a notebook quiz after each chapter.
There will be a project each 9-week. The student will be expected to complete this project outside of class. A rubric (guide) will be given with the requirements for each project.
TESTS- 50%
Semester grades will be computed using the following percentages:
1st semester
First nine weeks-40%, Second nine weeks- 40% Midterm 20%
2nd semester
Third nine weeks-40%, Fourth nine weeks-40% Final 20%
Final grades will be computed using the following percentages:
1st semester 50%, 2nd semester 50%