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Mr. Weaver’s Syllabus for U.S. History A 2015-2016
Class Objectives:
The purpose of this class is to observe historical themes and issues, and to compare and contrast those themes and issues to concepts in today’s society. We are citizens of a country that is an active and leading member in a global community. In order to best serve our country and the global community, we must learn from the past.
Class Description:
This class will study the historical time period of the Discovery of the New World to Post-Civil War Reconstruction. Along the way we will observe and analyze first hand documents such as speeches, laws, legislations, letters, declarations of war, etc. We will also consider central questions that deal specifically with the issues of that era. These questions are important to think about and to develop opinions on seeing how historical issues are always reoccurring in our society. There will also be activities that let you express your opinion on certain historical topics, as well as projects that allow you to take on a historical perspective.
Grading Categories and Percentages:
There will be a variety of categories in which you will be graded on. The categories are:
Classwork/ Participation (work assigned and worked on in class)
Quizzes (bell ringer quizzes, and quizzes on notes)
Activities/Projects (group projects, individual activities)
Tests (chapter tests given upon completing a unit)
Every day there will be a series of questions on the board or projector that are intended to review the information from the day before. You must answer all questions and keep up with them because every week there will be a quiz on the Bell Ringer questions. Every chapter we study as a class will contain multiple activities, projects, or class work assignments. These assignments can range from an individual assignment to a three day group project. In addition to these activities and projects, each chapter will conclude with a test. The grade percentage for each category is:
Classwork/ Participation- 10%
Quizzes- 20%
Activities/Projects- 30%
Tests- 40%
Class Procedures:
This class will have a classroom set of textbooks. Anytime there is an assignment involving a book, you will get one from the shelf and return it at the end of class (see classroom rules). Every student must take notes. The information you need to pass this class is given in the notes and discussed in the assignments. Only on certain and rare occasions (judged by me) may a book be checked out. If a book is checked out, the student will need to complete the necessary Textbook Checkout form (school policy). You will have occasional quizzes on information from the notes. You will also receive a participation grade for taking notes. You will be given a wide range of assignments for each chapter.
Every day you are expected to be in your seat quietly working on the bell ringer when the tardy bell rings. If you are not seated you will be tardy. If you are seated but are also being disruptive and disobedient, you will be tardy. If you are late to class because you were with an administrator or another teacher, it is your responsibility to get a pass from that person. No pass means you are tardy. 3 tardies earns you a detention (30 minutes). 4+ tardies earns a referral.
Leaving Class:
Students in all period classes will not be allowed to leave the classroom for any reason, UNLESS a student provides a written medical excuse, requested by the office, or an emergency that I deem legitimate.
You are required to come to class prepared every day. For this class you will need at least a notebook or binder with plenty of paper and a pen or pencil. I do not have extra supplies to hand out so it is up to you to be prepared. (It’s not mandatory, but it would be a very good idea to bring a pencil sharpener and/or colored pencils.)
If you are assigned a detention for whatever reason, you are to show up on time and at the assigned date. You get 1 chance to reschedule your detention, BUT you have to notify me well in advance of your detention date. If you are late to detention you will receive an additional detention. If you skip my detention, you will receive a referral for your failure to show. You ALSO have to make up that detention!! No matter what the administrators assign you as punishment for skipping detention, YOU STILL OWE ME A DETENTION! You will be written up for every detention you skip.
Absences and Late Work:
If you are absent and it is EXCUSED, then you will be given time to make up an assignment and turn it in. You will need to show me an absentee report slip. UNEXCUSED absences will result in a zero. (The computer will only accept a 0 for a grade on days that you had an unexcused absence.) If you are EXCUSED, it is your responsibility to talk to me and get your make up assignment. If you are EXCUSED and miss a test, it is your responsibility to see me about a makeup date and time. It is not my job to make sure you get your makeup work and test. Make up work will be given a turn in date, any late make up work will not be accepted. AGAIN, it is your responsibility to complete all assignments and turn them in on time!! An easy way to fail this class is to not turn in assignments.
A parent can contact me at the school or email me at . To schedule a meeting or parent teacher conference, please contact a school counselor at Valley High School 334-756-4105.
Classroom Rules
Mr. Weaver’s Classroom Rules
Please read the following rules:
Cell phones, head phones, Ipads, and all other electrical devices are not allowed in the classroom, unless otherwise stated by me. If any of these devices are visible in any way then it will be taken and a detention and/or referral will be issued.
Be respectful. Students must act respectful towards Mr. Weaver, the classroom, fellow classmates, and themselves. Defiance and disrespect will result in a referral.
No cheating of any kind. This will result in an automatic Zero for that assignment and a referral.
Students in period classes will not be allowed to leave the classroom. The class only lasts 53 minutes so there is no reason why you cannot wait.***
You are expected to be in your seat quietly working on the bell ringer when the tardy bell rings. If the tardy bell rings and you are up out of your desk for any reason, you will be tardy. If you are seated but disturbing others and not working you will be tardy.
There is absolutely no sleeping in class. This means laying your head down and propping your head up on your hand. This counts as sleeping. Sleeping results in a detention, and excessive sleeping results in multiple detentions and referrals.
You will be required to take notes on every chapter in this class. Although we will not take notes every day, you are required to take notes every time I give them. Talking and being disrespectful during notes and lectures will result in a detention. Repeated offenses will result in a referral. This also means that you must bring materials to class every day. I don’t ask you to bring a lot so I expect you to have everything you need every day you come to class.
You are not to get out of your seat unless given permission by me. If you need to throw something away, ask me first. If you need to sharpen a pencil, ask me first. Once you are seated you should remain seated for the entirety of the period/block unless given permission by me. Refusal to follow this rule will result in a detention.
Food and drinks are not allowed in this classroom. No exceptions. This rule includes gum. Refusal to follow this rule will result in a detention. Repeated offenses will result in referrals.***
Respecting the classroom means that you are to pick up after yourself every day. This classroom is not your house or your bedroom. If you make a mess, clean it up. If you get a textbook from the shelf, put it back neatly. Students who ignore this rule will receive detentions or referrals. ALSO, a student will be held back after class for as long as it takes to clean up his/her mess, and they will not receive a pass to their next class.
The bell does not dismiss you. I dismiss you from class. If you are noisy and disruptive during instructional time, I will hold you back after class. You are not to line up at the door and wait for the bell. You will remain seated until I allow you to leave. Leaving before I dismiss you will result in a referral for skipping class.
You must place all backpacks, purses, gym bags, etc. under your desk. Only thing on your desk should be the materials you need for class.
Do not move the desks around. If there is a problem with your desk and/or where you are sitting then you need to speak with me after class or after school about it.
Do not remove any of the paper that covers certain electrical outlets in this room. The coverings are there for a reason.