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Library Media Center

over 3 years ago

Picture representing Library Media Center

The Mission of the Library Media Program is to assist members of the learning community in becoming effective users of information and to foster the love of reading.


Information Technology Standards

 The four content standards are:


Students at VHS will select and use media and technology to access, organize, create, and communicate information for solving problems and constructing new knowledge, products, and systems.


Students at VHS will access, evaluate, and apply information efficiently and effectively from a variety of sources in print, non-print, and electronic formats to meet personal and academic needs.


Students at VHS will apply technological and information skills to issues of personal and academic interest by actively and independently seeking information, demonstrating critical and discriminating reading, listening, and viewing habits, and striving for personal excellence in learning and career pursuits.


Students at VHS will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in teams or groups, use information and technology in a responsible manner,  respect intellectual property rights, and recognize the importance of intellectual freedom and access to information in a democratic society.


about 1 year ago

Name Position Email address
Sherry Ashe Principal
Casey Chambley Asst.
Kenneth Redding Asst. Principal
Christy Magbee Bookkeeper
Cindy Sutton Secretary
Tolondra Harris Counselor (10th, 12th)
Ashley Bledsoe Counselor (9th, 11th)
Julia Norred Lunchroom Manager
Tajuanna Lowery Lunchroom Asst. Manager
Name Department Email address
Audiss, Vivianne Social Studies
Baccus, Steven Science
Brown, Alyssa Language Arts
Brown, Karen Vision Impaired
Bryan, Nancy Special Education
Burton, Demetrice Special Education
Chandler, Shannon Band
Coker, Stevie Athletics
Corbin, Courtney Social Studies
Creel-Flores, Eric Mathematics
Crim, Sandra School Resource Officer
Crocker, Joan Science
Cutler, Peter Career Technical
Davidson, Teresa Art
Deloach, Kitty Band
Doss, Carolyn Mathematics
Duffy, Shannon Science
Ferrell, Mary Special Education
French, Tamara Science
Fryer, Kristen Language Arts
Fulghum, Amy Special Education
Gilomen, Ashley Science
Hales, Maisie Career Technical
Harper, Marshon Athletics
House, William Athletics
Howell, Lawrence School Resource Officer
Hughley, Tammy Counselor Career Tech
Hunter, Adam Athletics
Jackson, Ta-Tanisha Mathematics
Knox, Rachel Language Arts
Langley, Sheree Career Technical
Lisenby, Mark Language Arts
Lowe, Brad Mathematics/Athletics
Meeks, Olivia Nurse
Moore, Theo Social Studies
Newby, Timeka Career Technical
Otto, Vickey Special Education
Pace, Lisa Language Arts
Peters, Debra Career Technical
Phillips, Laura Library
Power, Michael Mathematics
Ray, Robert Paraprofessional
Sealy, Ken Career Technical
Shaddix, Toni Mathematics
Shaver, Stacey Language Arts
Slaughter, Lizabeth Career Technical
Smith, Angela Paraprofessional
Starnes, Peter Science
Stehouwer, Seth Career Technical
Tate, Pamela Social Studies
Teel, Tracie ACCESS
Thrower, Michael Social Studies
Weaver, Dylan Social Studies
West, Heather Career Technical
Williford, Dana Athletics

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