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Shaver's Classroom Information

5 months ago

By Stacey Shaver

School Forms: 
Please turn in all homeroom forms no later than August 24, 2019. The principals will contact those who do not submit forms by this date.
If you need to get new forms, please see either Mrs. Shaver, Mrs. Sutton, or the counselors. 
Thank you!
Dear Parents,
Welcome! We will be doing some exciting work this year, and we want you to feel like you are part of our classroom.
I am always available if you or your child needs to talk to me. My planning period is 1:15 – 2:00 every day; the school phone number is 756-4105. However, the best way to reach me is via email at I also have some information on my portion of our school’s website. Please visit and click on my name.
I want to encourage you to visit our classroom to share our learning. You may receive a formal invitation later, but we want you to feel free to visit anytime. No appointment necessary—just stop by the office for a Visitor’s Pass.

Stacey Shaver

Know Your School

over 4 years ago

By Stacey Shaver

Valley High School

Through the Years


School Fees

Locker Upkeep (one person)     $10.00                    Family & Consumer Sciences $15.00

Parking Permit                      $15.00                      Annual                              $55.00

Band (without instrument)    $35.00                      PE Locker                          $5.00

Band (with instrument)         $30.00                      Drivers Education              $15.00

Intermediate Band                $20.00                      Art Production 2                $10.00

FCCLA                                  $15.00                      Senior                               $55.00

Prom                                     $40.00 person or $80.00 couple


VHS in 1939

VHS in the 1950's

Alma Mater

Hail to thee, Alma Mater!

Thy praise to thee we sing;

And we will ever loyal be,

And honor to thee bring:

Within our hearts thy virtues

Will live and never die;

We pledge allegiance to our school,

Hail, Valley High!

March on ye sons and daughters brave,

True standard bearers be!

By thy ideals we’ll ever live,

All hail to thee.


Hail to thee, Alma Mater!

As we go on our ways;

We’ll e’re extol thy spirit great,

Throughout the coming days;

We praise thee for thy valor,

Which gives us courage now;

Triumphantly we sing thy praise,

All hail to thee!

Thy banner blue and gold unfurl,

Forever shall it fly;

And we will ever love thy name,

Hail, Valley High!