Diploma Replacement

In order to order a replacement diploma, please follow the following procedure:

  1. The regular diploma and the mini diploma are $35 each or both for $65.

  2. You may pay online or you can call Balfour and make payment over the phone.

  3. Once you place your order, Balfour will contact Valley High for verification.

  4. To order you will need to visit the Balfour website at www.balfourAL.com.

  5. On the homepage – click on the tab located in the upper right hand corner; “Make a Payment”

  6. On the payment page – complete the form with your name as it should appear on the diploma;

  7. When it asks what you are making a payment for, you need to select “other”;

  8. In the box beside the word “other” you will enter your year of graduation and whether you want a diploma, miniature, or diploma and miniature. example: (2009 diploma)

  9. When is asks how much the payment is, please select “other” and enter 35.00 or $65 depending upon whether you are purchasing one diploma or a diploma and mini.

  10. Then click submit.

  11. The next screen that appears will be the secure portion of the website – we can’t see anything from that page so it’s very important they complete the first screen.