About the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

Today, it is estimated that more than one million students participate in NHS activities. NHS chapters are found in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, many U.S. territories, and Canada. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

The purpose of the Valley High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote worthy leadership, to stimulate a desire to render service, and to encourage the development of character in all students of Valley High School.

Becoming a member of the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors a student can achieve at Valley High School. In order to be eligible for and to maintain membership, candidates and members must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum overall GPA of 88.0
  • Maintain academic honesty; earn ≥21 on the ACT® prior to the induction cutoff date (an induction ceremony is held each semester)
  • Receive no more than two disciplinary referrals for any reason and absolutely no disciplinary referrals that result in suspension, including in-school suspension (ISS), during 9th -12th grades
  • Pay annual membership dues ($20)
  • Sign a membership contract
  • Attend monthly meetings and induction ceremonies
  • Complete required community service hours.
2018-2019 Club Schedule

Our Club meets on the first Tuesday of every month.

New members need to have their contracts and dues paid by October 2, 2018. All members new and old will need to participate in the upcoming induction ceremonies.

Our Induction Ceremonies for this school year will be held in the VHS Library here on campus. The dates are as follows:

  • October 5, 2018
  • February 8, 2018
NHS Remind Feed
Teacher Sponsors:

Michael Thrower in Room 101 in the Gym Courtney Corbin in Room 210 in the Main Building